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How to get to Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

From Long Island City

1. Take the I278 West from Pulaski Bridge where it croses McGuinness

2. Drive through Greenpoint and Williamsburg crossing over Flushing Avenue.

3. In DUMBO check the traffic and decide whether to cross to Manhattan and take the Holland Tunnel or proceed on south through Brooklyn Heights

4. The I278 continues through Cobble hill, past Greenwood and Sunset park.

5. At Dyker Heights signs for the bridge will become apparent. Marked Verrazano Br

From JFK

Stick to the south side of Long Island for this 25 minute drive.

1. Get on the Belt Parkway from 130th where it meets PanAm road.

2. Stay on the Parkway as it goes past Howard Beach, East new York and Carsie.  Check out the great views to your left over the Island Channel.

3. The Parkway continues past the golf course at Marine Park, to Plumb Beach and then into the more built up area.

4. Continue on past Gravesend, Bath Beach at which point you can see the bridge in the distance ahead of you as you get onto the part of the Parkway officially called Leif Ericson Drive!

5. At Fort Hamilton take the curving approach road that leads up onto the bridge.  Choose your lane to be on the Upper Level, if you are in the left lane, or the Lower Level if you are on the right online.

Don't forget the nearby Harbor Defense museum with it's fascinating collection, or just visiting the John Paul Jones Park where you can see the Dover Patrol Monument which the people of Great Britain funded to thank the American Navel Forces during the First World War.




Bridge History

From its completion in 1964 until 1981 the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. But the idea for the bridge went back a lot before 1964, in fact some of the first serious proposals are from the 1950s when Port Authority of New York and the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority held a joint study on improving traffic flows in the area.

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