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Traffic on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Here is both real time traffic, and historical traffic information for the bridge.

Current Traffic - Today

The data in the map above is from today and is processed in real time from live MTA feeds and adapted into graphical format so that you can see visually where on the Verrazano Bridge or the approachways, there might be issues.

If there has been an accident or other incident that is blocking traffic flow, then it will be immediately obvious because of the red colored sections of road on the map.  When the whole bridge is red then consider another way to cross such as the Holland Tunnel.

Historical traffic trends

As part of the Open Data initive of the NY city the historical data is available for traffic on the bridge. However the data only goes up until 7th July 2017, so there is no data about today.

The data does go back as far as 2010 though so there is a large historical amount of traffic information that may be examined to see typical patterns. Take a look at the peak between Dec 2016 and May 2017 when usage surged, particularly amoung the E-Z Pass users.


Bridge History

From its completion in 1964 until 1981 the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. But the idea for the bridge went back a lot before 1964, in fact some of the first serious proposals are from the 1950s when Port Authority of New York and the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority held a joint study on improving traffic flows in the area.

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