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Cars - Tolls by Mail  : $17 cash for roundtrip toll*

Cars - E-ZPass : $11.52 cash for roundtrip toll*

E-ZPass is 32% cheaper than paying by mail!  Save more than $5 every roundtrip by using E-ZPass.  Even non NY residents can get a NY E-ZPass, apply online here.

*Roundtrip tolls are collected at the Staten Island toll booth only

** Since 10th July 2017 the bridge has been cash-less and there are no toll booths any more.  To see a video of the tool booths being demolished click here.  Cars with E-ZPass mounted on their cars will automatically be charged the correct fee.  Other cars will have their license plates photographed and a toll bill will be mailed to the registered address of the car.


Motorcycles - Tolls by Mail : $6 for roundtrip toll*

Motorcycles - E-ZPass : $4.64 for roundtrip toll*


Bicycles are not permitted on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and should cross the river at Robert F. Kennedy, Henry Hudson, Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial, and Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridges by walking across the pedestrian paths. There are no charges for bicycles on these pedestrian paths.

Resident Discounts

Various discount programs are available for residents of the Staten Island area.  Apply here.


Bridge History

From its completion in 1964 until 1981 the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. But the idea for the bridge went back a lot before 1964, in fact some of the first serious proposals are from the 1950s when Port Authority of New York and the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority held a joint study on improving traffic flows in the area.

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